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Electronics Bazaar - August  2020

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Table of Contents
Market Survey
The growth of the 5G market in India
Will online channels overtake brick-and-mortar stores in the electronic component distribution domain?
Green Technology
Energy harvesting could end dependence on fossil fuels
Market Survey
Telecom sector emerges resilient through trying times
Electric Vehicles
The spotlight should shift from EVs to the charging infrastructure
What investors look for in high-tech and semiconductor startups
Smartphone Industry
Negative sales growth projected for smartphones in 2020
Electric Vehicles
How COVID-19 will impact key global EV markets
Electric Vehicles
Decoding the future of electric vehicles
Data Storage
Cloud based free platforms for secure backup and recovery of data
Make in India
"Many companies from the US are coming to us for samples of raw materials because they donít want to import from China anymore"
"We do not mentor startups; instead we mentor individuals capable of creating startups"
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