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Electronics Bazaar - November  2019

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Table of Contents
Industry Report
India must emerge as a global EMS hub
Advisory Panel
Electronics Bazaar Advisory Panel
Industrial Growth
Corporate tax reduced in an attempt to revive the Indian economy
Green Energy
Can solar-powered vehicles revolutionise transportation?
Make in India
Make in India: Why are we struggling?
Electronic Device Shipment
While global markets slow down, India’s device shipments are set to accelerate
Chips Manufacture
Why fabless semiconductor manufacturing has not taken off in India
Apps Economy
Can mobile apps boost the Indian economy and its GDP?
Manufacturing Floor
Mirc Electronics: Focusing on quality to remain the neighbour’s envy and owner’s pride
SMT Focus
A look at the latest reflow ovens available in the market
Manufacturing Focus
Why EMI shielding is essential for electronic devices
ePower Focus
Factors behind the growth of the Indian UPS system and inverter industry
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